The city of my dreams. I've always loved Melbourne so much, and watching all my friends from Brunei move there one by one, it felt like I was the only one left behind. It's a city bustling with fashion, culture, food, and most of all, life. Every turn of the corner is another feast for... Continue Reading →


Arthur’s Pass/Castle Hill

Arthur's Pass is about a 2-hour scenic drive from Christchurch. Views along the way are just magnificent. In winter, mountains are snow-capped for an even more breathtaking drive. At Arthur's Pass, there are at least six different hikes you could take, ranging in difficulty and time. One of the harder hikes is called Avalanche Peak,... Continue Reading →


Cambodia is a country so rich in culture despite the horrors that have happened not so long ago. The main sights to see are temples, monasteries and palaces, and shopping is mostly done in outdoor markets. The iconic temples have a detailed history behind them, and to get the most out of the experience, it... Continue Reading →


I'm currently based in Brunei Darussalam for my summer holidays. The flight from Brunei to Los Angeles is a pretty long-winded one, with many transits, overnight stays and eventually the loss of any personal hygiene as a result. We traveled from Brunei to Kuala Lumpur, staying overnight at a terrible transit hotel (I would not... Continue Reading →


Bags were hurriedly packed, snacks were bought, and at 7.30am, we set off to Mount Cook. Luckily, we had clear skies and sun throughout, in contrast to the previous two days in Dunedin that had been pouring. The rolling hills, acres of farmland, and snow-capped mountains were a feast for our eyes. Every corner would... Continue Reading →


We started our journey in the late afternoon, and dropped by Shag Point. Shag Point is approximately an hour's ride from Dunedin, with rolling hills, farms and the setting sun to feast your eyes on during the journey. When we reached, we were almost blown away by the wind! Fur seals were rested on rocks in... Continue Reading →

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