Why medicine will drive me to quit

I've not lived long as a junior doctor. I've lived more years striving to become a doctor and building myself up to be the image of a doctor than being an actual doctor. Despite this, medicine has taught me enough that I can't be sure I will stay on. Medicine is a constant culture of... Continue Reading →

It’s called sick leave, not sepsis leave

This post is dedicated to all the baby doctors out there. If this can convince one of you to call in sick once this year when you need it, it's done its job. Working Christmas! I'm a huge proponent of people calling in sick. I actively encourage it. I am that person that has forcefully... Continue Reading →

Stewart Island

I recently got back from a one-week getaway in Stewart Island with one of my best girlfriends, and it was an incredible time. Going in off-peak season was definitely one of our better life choices! Stewart Island is across the Foveaux Strait in the southern part of New Zealand. It only has around 400 people... Continue Reading →

How To Backpack 101

Over time, I've gotten a lot of questions like "how do you do it?" I think what they mean is that I'm a petite, ethnic female solo traveling around the world, sometimes not in the safest parts either... It sounds more overwhelming than it really is, and you get the hang of it really quickly.... Continue Reading →


I'm so far behind my blogposts, it's incredible Backpackers and hostels are unfortunately not particularly conducive for blogging! London was absolutely amazing. It's always been a city of my dreams and fortunately, lived up to those high expectations. I've decided I'll break down the post into multiple sections rather than writing about what I did... Continue Reading →


Cześć! Visiting Poland has been on my bucket list for years. With World War II having its ripe beginnings in the heart of Poland, I knew that as a human being, I had to visit this place to only start to understand what humans could be capable of. Those who do not remember the past... Continue Reading →

Ben Lomond Summit

When I thought Roy's Peak was the devil's track, I obviously had not tried the Ben Lomond Summit. The Ben Lomond Summit track in Queenstown starts just outside the Gondola entrance. The trail from here (called the Tiki Trail) is a 30 minute uphill track involving climbing an elevation of 450m - I made a... Continue Reading →

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